Ever thought about cheating at the games you love but still in more of a legal way…that is going to become our main topic as we will focus more into the secret paths and ultimate routes that only the pro players could take advantage of through the playtime.You are no longer in need to install a third party application to get some extra access to certain features at the game or even go through various illegal methods that could harm your device.

This article will cover several number of games and we are planning to make it as simple as possible so anyone could understand the fragments and become aware of the main concept of the cheats.

List Of The Games.

  • Dota 2.
  • Counter Strike.
  • Age Of Empires.
  • The Sims 4.

Dota 2.

One of the most played online game at the past few years, it has been growing in number of players rapidly, it was getting out of control as the database been expanding very fast, and that lead to a decrease of the total quality of the matches.

We would love first to introduce you to the gameplay concept, then head towards the cheats section and try to expose the techniques you can follow to achieve greater results and have an advantage over your opponents.

The original name of this game was the defense of the ancients. It is a tower defense game but it is more organized and giving the complete freedom to the players to allow them to express their talents.

As you are aware of the main idea of the gameplay, then it would be nice to begin our cheats list and help you to avoid any connections with scammers all over the internet.

Denying as many creeps as possible on the lane will deny the experience points for your opponent at the lane. Which means that you will have a much higher experience level from your opponent, this means you are getting stronger faster than he is.

The creeps will come at a very specific time, which means that you have to adjust your clock and try to be smart enough to get the gold advantage and take the last hit of their health points. This will also demolish any dreams of your opponent at the lane to deny it and deny the experience points for you.

This combo has been working in every patch of the game and it would be cool to use it once more now. Some people will start ragging more likethat you are cheating and abusing the game system, but in fact you are only using two normal heroes but once they are combined together in the lane, things will get out of control.

  • Win The Lanning phase!

The matches usually go through various transition phases, so trying your best at the first phase of it will guarantee you a success story and give you a huge boost to the upcoming stages. This should become your focus point from now on and we by following the various methods of FragCheats team, we do believe that you will manage to win it successfully.

Counter Strike.

The famous FPS game that has been breaking records and we have grown up playing and spending time on exploring new maps and different weapons at it. It has seen various updates and improvements in the past years and we are very happy with the stage it has reached so far…

If you are looking for tips and instructions to secure yourself a decent position on the ranking table and win every single ranked match you are entering. This is going to become a tough task, but our team at FragCheats has managed to collect the necessary information and cheats that you should follow to achieve something decent in the matches.

  • Use A Stereo Headset!

Most of the counterstrike player ignore the fact that knowing exactly your opponents movements locations is a crucial thing in determining the winner. You have to pay a great attention to the sounds of events happening around you.

Forexample, when you are camping behind a door and waiting for an enemy to move by to shoot from behind, this will require from you to pay a great attention to the movement steps to prepare yourself for the enemy to show up.

The grenades are playing a vital role in most of the battles, especially the big scale battles as the flash bangs will totally send your opponents into the blind zone. You have to react quickly as soon as you flashbang the opponent, rush towards them to eliminate them out.

You must know your friends location on the map before you throw out a grenade. As this will destroy your teammates and take them down very fast. React according to a decent plan.

  • Communications!

Your dead teammates will have a better vision over the map as they can know the enemies locations, this could be done perfectly by communicating with the survivals and giving them guidance.

You can also use a third party application such as the TeamSpeak or discord to communicate with your teammates.

Most of the enemies will start think that you are cheating by knowing their locations without even seeing them. That is one of the crucial things we have revealed to our readers at

Age of Empires.

Let us take a walk back in the time and remember the good old days we have spent playing this amazing game. However, one of the major things that no one has ever knew anything about is the ability to cheat in the game.

They have enabled this feature but they kept it as a secret and only little number of pro players have managed to discover it and revealed it but the thing did not get so popular. In addition, we are creating this list at FragCheats to help you with enhancing the gameplay.

  • 100 food – Cheese steak jimmy
  • 1k gold –robin hood
  • 1k wood –lumberjack
  • Full map- Marco
  • Instant building- aegis
  • Lose campaign –resign
  • Speed construction –ctrl+Q

These were the most important things we have been through in the game so far, use them and worry no more about the other scamming applications out there in the internet.

Open the command section by pressing on “Enter” button and start typing these words depending on your needs. As you can copy it and simply use Ctrl + v for faster actions. We have loved the game and loved it even more with more resources to being our dreams into reality.

We will move now to the techniques section, this more like a guide for the players whom are willing to step up their game into a completely new level.

The formations of your soldiers will play a major role in the battlefield. If you are smart, enough, then you will be having a strategic plan for each type of combat and depending on the units, you are controlling.

The cannons should always take some steps behind and give them a decent range of the enemies, with backup protections soldiers to block the invaders from reaching them.

Your cavalry units must be always ready to approach the enemy’s cannons and take them down as fast as possible. Close down the gap as they fail to do anything in the melee battles.

The Sims 4.

Our cheats at this game will be different from any other cheats we have revealed about the previous games. This will be more related to the way of playing the game and how to adjust your targets successfully.

The traits of the character you are creating will shape your future and how the game is going to look like in the future. Therefore, I guess, you must now take a step back and slow down the character creation process to think about every prospect of the game.

The next thing we would love to talk about is the ability to increase the speed of the day. You do not have to waste all your time waiting for the sim to wake up or maybe even finish his shower, just tap on the forward button, as it will increase the speed of the game.

Create new friendships with the neighbors, as it will help you in various ways. First, you no longer need to spend your money on the lunch, as you can visit them and eat at their house free.

Second thing is to marry a rich girl, as it will boost up your finical situation and put you up with the riches in the game. All of these instructions could be considered as legal cheats. Just click on the link shown Here.